Staying Well During Ohio Allergy Season | Mount Carmel

For some, allergy season can be a very difficult time. From annoying allergic responses to sinus infections and time away from work or school, allergy season can interrupt your daily routine. But with the help of Mount Carmel Urgent Care in Ohio and our tips for allergy prevention, you can help your family stay well this allergy season! Let’s take a closer look at what allergies present throughout the year and how you can prevent severe allergy symptoms.

What Are the Major Allergens in Ohio?

As spring arrives and brings blooming trees and flowers, it also ushers in the spring allergy season. Beginning as early as February and stretching into April, the major allergens encountered come from pollen, weeds, and grasses. Moving into May, we reach peak allergy season with trees, weeds, and grass allergens which lasts through June. While July can still present some allergens, the heat and lack of rain often provide a welcomed break from allergies. But, ragweed season enters by the middle of August and can stretch through November. Then, with the colder winter months, we can enjoy a few months of little to no allergy flares.

Some of the most common allergens of each season include:

  • Spring trees, including oak, birch, maple, walnut, and others
  • Summer grass pollens, such as Kentucky Blue, Orchard, and Rye
  • Fall pollens from pigweed, Russian thistle, cocklebur, and other weeds
  • Winter molds, if the season is especially warm and wet

Pollen can stick to the eyes or be inhaled into the lungs, leading to mild-to-severe allergic reactions or even infections. For those who are susceptible to these allergens, you may be wrought with sneezing, itchy or watery eyes, asthmatic symptoms, and other unsavory allergic responses. The best way to survive the yearly Ohio allergy season is with preventative measures and visits to your healthcare specialists!

Tips for Preventing or Alleviating Allergies

While allergy season is an inevitable struggle for many, there are a few ways to make the season more bearable. From utilizing local resources to finding regular allergy medication, you can help your family find relief from typical allergy symptoms. Here are a few tips that may help you to stay well this season.

1. Use antihistamines.

Over-the-counter or prescription medications can help to lessen your allergy symptoms. These can lower inflammation or irritation levels in the nose, throat, and lungs. When taken daily, you may notice fewer allergic responses or an easier time managing your symptoms. Consult with your local provider or urgent care in Ohio for the right medication for your allergy season.

2. Wash nasal passages with saline rinses.

Saline rinses are a fantastic way to flush pollen and allergens out of your sinus passages. Use distilled, warm water and saline with a neti pot to flood your nasal cavities. Nasal sprays and gargling saline solutions are also solutions to cleanse your sinuses and reduce inflammation. Use this solution twice a day to help alleviate sinus allergy symptoms.

3. Monitor your local pollen count.

Your local weather reports will keep you informed of local allergen warnings. Or, stay updated with the counter station from the National Allergy Bureau. From listing what is currently in bloom to alerting you to how much is present in the air, you can determine how much time is safe to spend outdoors. If the pollen count is low, carry through with your day as usual. But if the count is high, only run necessary errands, consider indoor workouts, and make sure to wash your body and clothing once you return home to eliminate pollen particles that you are carrying inside.

Make It Through Ohio Allergy Season With Mount Carmel Urgent Care

While Ohio allergy season can lead to moderate-to-severe allergic responses, it may be hard to differentiate between allergy symptoms and other viruses. Let the experts at Mount Carmel Urgent Care help you identify the root cause of your illness. Visit your closest clinic location today to get a jump start on feeling better. And, we can help you boost your defenses against allergy season, too. Don’t let sickness or allergies keep you from enjoying the season!